More About Personal Insurance


Homeowners Insurance is bundled coverage protecting both property and liability.  Whether you’re faced with a fire, theft or personal injury lawsuit, home insurance provides the protection you need.  This policy provides the base of your insurance protection and is very customizable so be sure to contact us to tailor it to your specific needs.

Auto Insurance

Similar to home insurance, but applicable to your use of vehicles – your own or others.  Like home insurance, it can be tailored to meet specific needs and often significant additional coverage can be added for minimal cost. Accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and diminishing deductibles are popular options.  Prices and coverage vary widely by provider so it’s important to let us assist you in shopping for the best value in price and coverage.

For Massachusetts auto insurance, see our frequently asked questions.


This overarching policy picks up when your base home, auto, and other personal policies hit their limit.  For peace of mind against the possibility of a large lawsuit, an umbrella is a very affordable solution.

Boats, campers, toys and collector cars

Regardless of what type of recreational vehicle you have, we companies and policies with the coverage you need.

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